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Customer behaviours and requirements, innovations, increased presence of new actors and regulatory constraints… the Payments and E-Banking world is facing intense changes that are forcing financial institutions to make extensive IT investments, while seeing their revenues decrease.


For more than 10 years, we have been working everyday with European banks and financial institutions to process their transactions smoothly and create value around payment services.


Transactis now enables you to benefit from this investment through its banking and technical expertise, offering you a complete range of innovative services on robust, industrial and proven platforms.

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Transactis's offerings

Our e-banking offerings

Transactis provides you with tried, tested and secure cardholder, merchant and ATM e-banking solutions to help you achieve your ambitions and performance targets.

Our e-banking processing offering is multi-scheme and international: it covers all your business activities and card functions and all transaction types (payment, withdrawal, deposit, self-service banking). It also comprises the remote operational management of your merchant and ATM hardware fleets.

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Our cardholder and card processing offering covers management of the card products and services catalogue, management of their life cycle and the end-to-end life cycle of all cardholder transactions.


  • Management of cardholder contracts
  • Issuance of bank cards
  • Ordering and tracking of a portfolio of bank cards
  • Strong cardholder authentication
  • Management of issuer authorisation requests
  • Management of interbank clearing and settlement
  • Management of disputes and outstanding debts


  • An extensive catalogue of card products and services for each customer segment, per product range, with numerous customisation options and card services
  • Home banking: services can be managed via Online Banking
  • An e-banking Payment Warehouse
  • Fight Against Fraud with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and cognitive technologies
  • Provision of management tools for e-banking back office activities
  • Regulatory change monitoring and compliance of tools and processes

E-banking lead manager activities can be handled in the framework of our partnerships

E-banking back office activities can be handled


Our comprehensive processing offering includes management of merchant contracts, the end-to-end acquisition and processing of card payments, and the supervision and configuration of acceptance systems.


  • Management of merchant e-banking contracts
  • Management of the interbank database
  • Management of acquirer authorisations
  • Management of acceptance point configurations (EPTs, ATMs)
  • Management of interbank clearing and settlement
  • Management of disputes and outstanding debts


  • An extensive catalogue of merchant offerings suited to evolving uses and covering all their needs
  • A Payment Warehouse
  • Merchant fraud management
  • Provision of management tools for e-banking back office activities

E-banking lead manager activities can be handled in the framework of our partnerships

E-banking back office activities can be handled


Our processing offering ranges from the administrative and technical management of the ATM database to the processing of withdrawal and deposit transactions, and includes the deployment of banking services and remote supervision of the fleet of ATMs and its quality of service.


  • Management of the ATM technical database
  • Management of authorisations and collection of withdrawal and deposit transactions
  • Management of interbank withdrawal clearing and settlement
  • Management of disputes and outstanding debts, along with ATM surpluses and deficits
  • Management of ATM remote monitoring and broadcasting


  • International, private multi-scheme management: Carte Bleu, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Union Pay, Discover Financial and Diners Club International withdrawals
  • Note withdrawals with the Dynamic Currency Change (DCC) function
  • Opportunities to deploy banking services on ATMs and to distribute promotional campaigns via ATMs
    A Payment Warehouse
  • Management of withdrawal fraud
  • Provision of management tools for e-banking back office activities
  • Regulatory change monitoring and compliance
  • Remote monitoring of the fleet of ATMs and its quality of service

E-banking lead manager activities can be handled through our partnerships.

On-site maintenance activities can be handled in the framework of our partnerships.

E-banking back office activities can be handled

Our Instant Payment offer

Instant Payment paves the way for an outsourcing and pooling strategy


Strongly supported and encouraged by the European Commission and the European Payments Council, Instant Payment represents a technical revolution requiring banks to make large investments.

In a context of regulatory constraints and increasing cost pressure, we believe that investment sharing is now a major challenge for the competitiveness of banking operators.

You can now benefit from an industrial platform:  thanks to its IP service offering, in production since December 2018, Transactis, a key player on the payment market, helps you to organise and quickly propose a turnkey service offer for the acquisition, processing and exchange of the inbound and outbound Instant Payments of your customers, be they individuals, professionals or companies.


Image "Our instant payment offerings"

Transactis’ “Payment As A Service”, a complete and scalable offer

Thanks to our API catalogue, we enable you to easily propose your IP offer to your customers directly through your distribution channels for:

the receipt of Instant Payments 24/7/365

coming from the SEPA zone (mandatory to join the SCTinst scheme)

the acquisition, processing and interbank exchange

of Instant Payments initiated by your customers

Our offer is compatible with all enrolment methods that you may offer to your customers (telephone number, QR code, Paylib, bank card, etc.)

Connected to the French STET interbank exchange system, our Instant Payment platform makes it possible to reach all French banks in real time, and soon all European banks, via RT1 and TIPS.


In addition, our platform incorporates an efficient anti-fraud solution based on market tools which have been proven in the field of e-banking fraud prevention.

Simple integration via API

Our solution does not require you to install any software: we take charge of the hosting of our platform and daily monitoring of processing operations, transactions and interbank exchanges.

An industrial solution for the generalisation of immediacy

And since we believe in the future of Instant Payment, we have designed our solution to be natively capable of processing large volumes securely; it is therefore ready to accommodate new customers seeking a proven, economical and scalable solution.

We guarantee the scalability of our solution by taking into account new use cases requested by our customers and continuously upgrading the platform (regulatory compliance, technology and security).

Partnership with Societe Generale for its bank customers

In order to definitively facilitate banks’ accessibility to IP and eliminate the complexities of accessing exchange systems, we propose a complete offer in partnership with Societe Generale, which combines:

the Transactis service offer (connection to the platform by API, monitoring 24/7/365)

the banking services of Societe Generale (representation on the exchange systems, liquidity management, compliance checks, monitoring tool for your Instant Payments, etc.)

Transactis enables you to respond to the challenge of Instant Payments and be more present and innovative than ever on the European market.

Regis Folbaum, Payment Director of La Banque Postale.

"Since the end of 2018, La Banque Postale has relied on Transactis to offer its customers the ability to receive Instant Payments at a competitive price. Thanks to investment pooling, La Banque Postale benefits from reduced unit costs and advantageous deployment times, while capitalising on Transactis’ business expertise as a payment processor for the banks."

Regis Folbaum, Payment Director of La Banque Postale.

Philippe Marquetty, Payment Director of French Retail Banking, Societe Generale.

"Transactis has allowed Societe Generale to be one of the first banks to offer inbound Instant Payment to its customers on its various web and mobile channels, including very recently through Paylib Between Friends. Societe Generale will continue to rely on Transactis to develop services around Instant Payment and in particular access to exchanges at the European level at the beginning of 2020 and services for its business customers."

Philippe Marquetty, Payment Director of French Retail Banking, Societe Generale.

Our Wire Transfers and Direct Debits offerings

Transactis offers you comprehensive services beginning with the acquisition of your customers’ SEPA, international, cash or urgent flows, through to interbank clearing and settlement for all types of customers (private, small business, corporate).

Image "Our wire transfers and direct debits offerings SEPA & international"


Our services cover all the functions of a payment processing operator, namely:

  • Acquisition
  • Processing of bank transactions
  • Interbank clearing and settlement
  • Reporting
  • Value-added services
  • Acquisition of all your customers’ payment orders regardless of the channel: entered in your mobile or web apps, or directly by remote transmission
  • Processing of bank transactions so that they can be registered, tracked and recorded
  • Interbank clearing and settlement: access to domestic, European and international clearing systems, tracking of interbank clearing and settlements, management of the relationship with your direct participant
  • Value-added services: re-presentations of unpaid SDDs, macro or micro transaction display options, automatic reconciliation of orders and funds, etc.

Our services are aimed at both banks or financial establishments and at these institutions’ corporate customers.


  • Acquisition of payment flows in accordance with standards
  • Reports for your back offices and your customers
  • Management of services subscribed to by your customers to complement their payment transactions


  • Provision of an order book
  • End-to-end supervision, enabling you to carry out real-time monitoring

All these services are provided via our portal or directly via APIs, enabling your back offices to steer your business and intervene if necessary in your customers’ transactions.