Our customers

For 10 years, we have been cultivating a lasting relationship of trust with our banking customers and making sure we are there to support them at the crucial moments in their growth.


  • Adriana Saitta

    Head of Payments, La Banque Postale

  • Nicole Viviand

    Head of Operations, BoursoBank

  • José Morata

    Head of the Treasury Department – Means of Payment (DEOFN) at Caisse des Dépôts

Adriana Saitta, Head of Payments, La Banque Postale

Transactis is a single entity, with expertise in electronic payment and cash flows and the ability to cover the wider needs of banks in the payments sector. Transactis is a key element of La Banque Postale’s strategy in the field of payments.

Our partners

To realise its ambitions, Transactis forges strong and lasting partnerships with leading companies.

  • Laurent Hupet

    Payment Director Sopra Banking Software

  • Nicolas Grimaud

    Chief Executive Officer, Galitt

  • Philippe Preval

    Chief Executive Officer, Lusis

Laurent Hupet, Payment Director Sopra Banking Software

For nearly 13 years, we have been working in partnership with Transactis in a spirit of mutual trust to meet the needs in terms of electronic banking and payments in order to be able to offer many value-added services to their customers. The collaborative spirit, the sharing of know-how and expertise has made it possible to successfully set up a new generation of payment factory. We are happy to work closely with Transactis and continue to build this unique relationship

In June 2016, Transactis entered into a partnership with Sopra Banking Software, a leading payment software publisher in Europe, using its Sopra Banking Platform for Payments SBPP package.

This new and innovative partnership, the only one of its kind in Europe, meets three aims:

  • To build a shared electronic payment management system meeting new market needs, such as Instant Payment and Sepamail services,
  • To share the high investment costs in this sector, including regulatory and security costs,
  • To pool the technical costs of managing wire transfer and direct debit payment transactions using an e-banking-type model.