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Transactis is a young, fast-growing company. Human Resources are at the heart of its growth. As Transactis enters the French and European markets and seeks to attract new customers, its adventure throws up new and motivating challenges every day in a dynamic and appealing environment which favours players that take the initiative and innovate. Join us at this key phase in our development!

Cécile Malevergne, Head of Human Resources
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Our gender equality index is at  78* points out of 100 for the 2022 financial year.  company has launched a program aimed at developing gender diversity within its businesses.

*Detail of the 5 indicators that led to the score of 78 out of 100:

Indicator 1 – pay gap: 38 out of 40 // Indicator 2 – gap of individual increases: 0 out of 20 // Indicator 3 – promotion gap: 15 out of 15 // Indicator 4 – percentage of employees increased on return from maternity leave: 15 out of 15 // Indicator 5 – number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest salaries: 10 out of 10.

The scores obtained on all the indicators show that Transactis continues to ensure equal pay between women and men.

Our progress objectives are part of the Mix’IT program, designed to develop the gender mix and the proportion of women within Transactis. They are based on 3 components:

  • actions aimed at reinforcing the attractiveness and retention of women through the continuation of the inclusive approach to recruitment, and the employer brand project which starts in the second half of 2023
  • actions aimed at encouraging retraining to integrate profiles from other, more female-centric fields.
  • long-term actions to raise awareness among young women of the benefits of IT professions.

Our strengths


    Join energetic, close-knit teams working for a company on a human scale.


    Develop your skills and your employability by getting involved in innovative, stimulating projects (Instant Payment, mobile payment, Digital Card Services, etc.).


    Be part of an environment where diversity is the watchword, and where know-how and best practice are always shared.


    Enjoy rewarding experiences and broaden your horizons by working with new information technologies (digital, time to market, web services, big data, etc.).


    Bring your talents to bear in the welcoming environment of a company that pays attention to its employees' needs and is keen to create a working environment conducive to their work/life balance (flex office, remote working).

Some of our employees' stories

Rodolphe: Architecture and Technical Solutions Manager

“After 13 years with Societe Generale at GTS dealing with payment methods, the opportunity to integrate the Transactis teams felt natural. The size of the company, the momentum, agility, accessibility and availability of the teams, as well as Transactis’ strong position on the payment methods market, gave me real reasons to join this adventure. The projects and challenges of 2022 are, for me, additional evidence supporting this choice, and provide real motivation on a daily basis”.

Your induction is our priority

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Supporting our staff and improving their skills and quality of life at work are central concerns at Transactis.
Our induction programme helps newcomers understand and share the purpose of our corporate project and buy into our challenges thanks to a system that encourages friendliness and interactions.


    Induction mornings are a series of opportunities to get to know each other, share experiences and learn about the company, its strategy and the issues it is facing.


    Monthly get-togethers on issues linked to our business lines and activity or hot topics such as Artificial Intelligence, the Cloud and Big data.


    Informal events on our various sites (Paris, Lille and Strasbourg), these are opportunities for staff to meet up, share experiences and get to know each other.


    A key factor in developing skills when staff members take up their posts, business-specific training courses are part of the induction process. Training helps employees to grow throughout their careers with Transactis.

Our business lines

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IT and payments (card, wire transfers, direct debits, Instant Payment) are the company’s core business lines. Transactis offers positions in IT and payment expertise.

IT is Transactis’s core business and its staff have the main IT profiles.
In addition, in the context of the company’s growth and its entry into new markets, since 2018 Transactis has added new roles focused on business development and the support offering and related functions.



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