Profile of Laure Pelletier Merchant Activity and Disputes Project Manager, Back-Office Manufacturing


What is your professional background?

My education and career path have nothing to do with IT. I studied life sciences and received a degree in Cell Biology and Physiology, followed by a master’s degree in Ecophysiology and Ethology before doing a PhD in Functional Ecology.
I spent 3 years studying the evolution of foraging strategies in little penguins in response to environmental change. I did not want to do research, so I spent a year in the non-profit sector, without really knowing what I wanted to do in the long term. What I did know was that I needed a job that would leverage my skills in a structured, reassuring setting with authentic team spirit.


When and how did you join Transactis?

A friend of mine suggested that I take a 3-month training course in IT that culminated in a permanent contract with a service company. I did the training in Development and testing in an IBM mainframe environment. I followed that up with a first assignment as a contractor at Transactis in the Merchant Back Office as part of the Remittance Processing – Merchant team from 2016 to 2019. I liked the work and the atmosphere in the Merchant Division, so it was only natural that I applied when a position opened up. I officially joined Transactis as an employee in June 2019.

How do you see your job and the progress you have made today?
What attracted you to IT?

My background is an asset and a strength for me. My studies taught me a methodology, a way to solve problems. I have a different view of things than someone who has a purely IT background. I like to start with the problem, analyse it and find solutions while paying attention to the functional context. That’s what I do in my job now. I am constantly asking myself questions and learning every day.


How did you get along in this male environment? What can you tell us about gender diversity at Transactis? How are the interactions between men and women?

At Transactis I have never felt any difference between men and women, unlike in other companies or during my IT training.
On the contrary, I find that in my department, in the Back Office Merchant division, there are more women, but for me the most important thing is the skills of the individuals.


What is your perception of the gender mix in the Transactis business lines?

What matters more to me than gender diversity is ensuring equality between men and women (e.g. salary). It is important to encourage and promote people’s skills. We do not promote someone to fill a quota, but rather we reward the most competent person without biases relating to gender, ethnicity, age, etc.
My point of view stops at the Back Office, where women are rather well represented, especially in management positions. I don’t find that there is a gender diversity problem at Transactis.


How do you explain the fact that there are fewer women in the IT field? What is your perspective?

I think the problem is well upstream. The fact that there are fewer women in IT is really due to a lack of visibility in the school curriculum about potential jobs in IT. The IT environment is synonymous with geeks and video games, but the jobs are more diverse than that.

What is the ideal environment that maximises your professional fulfilment and enables you to do your best work?

A fulfilling work environment is a caring environment where everyone does their job without fear of being judged or ridiculed. An environment with team spirit and no ego wars. An environment in which there is respect and recognition of each person’s merits.

What helped you get ahead?

The desire to always do well and the desire to do better.
Of course, we always have less brilliant phases because there are always unforeseen events, things we can’t control, and then there are doubts about one’s choices. When that happens, one must put things into perspective and depend on reliable people, while showing patience and tolerance towards oneself and others.

Did you receive any support?

I did indeed receive a lot of support, with the help and assistance of the entire Merchant Transaction Processing team in the Back Office Merchant Division, when I arrived for my first assignment. Those strong relationships and team spirit are what made me want to stay at Transactis.

What is your approach in times of crisis? During a crisis and after?

A crisis should be seen as a challenge, a problem to be solved. Every problem has a solution, otherwise it is not a problem. Team spirit is really needed in times of crisis. It is important that the team members get along well and that everyone is equally committed. A diversity of backgrounds and ideas, at this point, can make the difference in resolving a crisis. That is a real plus.

What risks did you take?

The biggest risk I took was the radical change in my career path and starting a new professional journey in an environment that was totally foreign to me.

Can you sum things up in a word? Your motto?

“I don’t have a motto, but I would share some simple advice: be open-minded, tolerant and curious. Diversity in mindset and thought can only make us stronger.”