Profile of Agathe Niego, Head of History, reference databases and restitution


When and how did you join TRANSACTIS?

After 8 years at a digital services company and 3 years at Societe Generale, I jointed Transactis like all the other employees of the Transfers and direct debits activity who came from Societe Generale in 2017.

After school in southern France and a master’s degree in Computer methods applied to business management at the Sorbonne, I fell into the world of payments a bit by chance and I never left it. I started at Societe Generale as an analyst-developer on a host of applications, the forerunners of the SEPA payment flow factory. Now, 15 years later, I am head of History, reference databases and restitution in the Acquisition and issuing channels department. I manage a team with very different profiles, ranging from project management to testing, including project management and software integration.



How do you see your job and the progress you have made today? What attracted you to IT?

I have always been drawn to science-related subjects, so it was natural that I focused on scientific studies and later on IT.  By chance I did my first internship in the banking sector and the opportunities convinced me to stay. Being part of ambitious projects such as deploying SEPA payment instruments, or more recently creating the Transactis payment platform, has taught me that, despite the difficulties, you must never give up and that by working as a team, you can achieve great and wonderful things.

The secret to dealing with challenging times is to rely on your strengths. For me, I rely on my family to keep me on track and on my ability to focus on the positive. The main thing is to put all your energy into maintaining a high level of cohesion within the team and to encourage mutual assistance no matter what happens.



How did you get along in this male environment? What can you tell us about gender diversity at Transactis? How are the interactions between men and women?

Once you get into science, you get used to a particularly male world. Personally, I have never felt that being a woman was an obstacle to my development. I have a rather strong character. Did that help me make my way in a world of men? Perhaps.

I have never felt any misogyny or seen any inappropriate behaviour at Transactis. My management has always instilled the values of respect, equality and caring. I have always felt that I am judged on my skills and results.

As for the under-representation of women at Transactis, I would say that, in a perfect world, we would educate our children without stereotypes and prejudices about “feminine” or “masculine” jobs. In the meantime, we are trying to fight for gender diversity and for more diversity in general because it brings richness and balance to our company. But I am not saying that women should be given preferential treatment. On the contrary, we have to prove ourselves just like our male colleagues.



Did you choose this job because of passion?

Not necessarily for IT, but definitely for management. Management has become a passion for me over the years. Finding ways to motivate teams, building relationships with others, and communication are aspects of my job that I am passionate about.



A motto or rule to live by?

Alone we go faster, but together we go further…