Our responsible purchasing

Our responsible purchasing policy


As Transactis is an electronic billing and payment operator for banking clients, its purchases mainly concern IT services.

As such, the purchasing operations of Transactis incorporate the various aspects of sustainable development as they pertain to:


  • environmental factors, with the implementation of dematerialised ordering and contracts in February 2020. There are many advantages to signing our contracts and placing our orders via our purchasing information system rather than using paper documents: it saves time for the buyer, processing time is generally faster for the supplier, it is more environmentally friendly (less paper generated, no need for faxes or envelopes to send documents, or indeed to distribute documents).
  • social and societal factors, with social issues taken into account, in particular respect for human rights in the workplace, the use of local companies or community associations
  • and economic factors, by taking into account the economic impact of purchasing decisions, the environment and suppliers with a view to overall cost.


Since August 2020, we have been implementing a responsible purchasing charter adapted to the activity of Transactis, which we have incorporated into all our main supplier reference contracts;

“The implementation of a responsible purchasing policy reflects the concrete commitment by Transactis to sustainable development and can encourage our suppliers to follow suit.

This responsible purchasing charter allows us to share ethical and sustainable business relations with our suppliers”, says Malika Mezair-Poupin, Head of Purchasing at Transactis.