Increasing the proportion of women within its businesses will be one of the key challenges for Transactis throughout 2022 and the years to come. The signature in November 2021 of an equality agreement incorporating commitments and targeted measures to promote equality in the workplace and increase the proportion of women within Transactis marked the launch of this gender diversity programme.


The issue of gender diversity is a key challenge in the IT and digital ecosystem, which is strongly characterised by:


  • An increasing under-representation of women in all businesses
  • A growing proportion of men coming from initial training courses leading to careers in engineering and IT lasting several decades.


More generally, this programme is part of the development of French society in terms of gender equality, particularly through the recognition and promotion of diversity of gender, age and origin.


In connection with the launch of its programme, Transactis will conduct a number of initiatives to raise awareness of this issue, both internally and externally.