PRESS RELEASE – February 1st 2021


A key player in the payments industry, Transactis has processed more than 30 million Instant Payments since it launched its offering and today represents more than 30% of the French market.

 In an environment of regulatory constraints and growing pressure on costs, Instant Payment is a technological revolution that requires a significant investment by financial institutions.

In July 2020, Banque de France and Caisse des Dépôts launched a public call for tender with experts in the instant payment market. Their objective: to offer their respective clients a service providing Instant Payment and Interbank Exchange processing solutions, including filtering of flows and anti-fraud measures.


A long-term partnership

Thanks to its industrial platform, easily accessible via its APIs, Transactis is able to meet these challenges by offering Banque de France and Caisse des Dépôts a high-performance solution that is rich in functionality, economical and scalable, and capable of processing huge volumes at the same time as guaranteeing availability, resilience and security.

“We are delighted to count Caisse des Dépôts and Banque de France among our major clients, and we thank them for placing their trust in us. Transactis will offer them all its business and technical expertise to ensure their projects succeed, and to advise them on their future requirements”, said Patrice GALY, chairman of Transactis.

By using Transactis, Banque de France and Caisse des Dépôts will be able to share the costs of investing in regulatory and technical projects as well as in new products and services with all the major banks served by Transactis.

Instant Payment is developing exponentially and paving the way for new innovative services. It is therefore strategic for financial institutions to call on market experts that are capable of supporting not only the growth of Instant Payment, but also the development of new services, such as Request To Pay and, more generally, discussions within Europe on the EPI (European Payments Initiative).