Transactis is managing the COVID-19 health crisis without any particular difficulty and making every effort to stay close to its clients. We put two questions to Patrice Galy, Chairman of Transactis.



What concrete measures have you put in place in response to the health crisis?

The COVID-19 health crisis required us to quickly and proactively adapt Transactis’ various activities. Our priority has been to protect all of our employees and the service providers working in our teams, and to enable them to work securely from home, providing them with the resources they needed if they did not have them already. Thanks to these rapidly implemented measures, the teams were all equipped and operational in less than two weeks. We have thus been able to maintain an excellent quality of service for our clients and continue with our 2020 project development plan. During this remote working period, we have maintained a strong link with our employees via email, webinars and conference calls. Also, every week for the last two months or so, the management committee has had several Skype meetings to closely monitor the situation and ensure the business runs smoothly.

In addition, Transactis transformed its “ATM” call centre in just a few days to allow the teams to work from home. This called for a revision of the procedures for taking calls and holding discussions, in particular by creating groups on Skype. Thanks to this system, we were able to ensure that more than 98% of the 13,500 machines managed by Transactis were still available, machines that were all the more critical during lockdown for recipients of social benefits who needed to withdraw their money. Transactis’ major banking clients were particularly grateful for this efficiency (La Banque Postale, Société Générale and Crédit Du Nord).


How has Transactis been supporting its banking clients since the crisis began?

The Transactis teams were soon contacted by clients regarding various issues related to the health crisis, such as distributing bank cards, increasing the contactless spending limit to 50 euros, increasing withdrawal limits for particularly vulnerable customers, and even, just before the lockdown, plans to resupply ATMs.

Transactis has made every effort to provide its banking clients with quick and efficient solutions to deal with the difficulties they may face and offer them the best possible support during this crisis.