Transactis celebrates its 10th anniversary

Last Wednesday October 3rd, Transactis celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Musée des Arts Forains with its team, clients and the CEO and chairman of its founding banks, Société Générale and La Banque Postale, Frédéric Oudéa and Rémy Weber. 

This anniversary party was an opportunity to celebrate Transactis’s story, its successes regarding e-banking and payments as a whole and the commitment of all its staff members who contributed to this wonderful human trip.

The commitment of the top managers of both founding banks, their clear strategic guidelines, the engagement of banking businesses and the collective resilience against competitors and technological challenges and the diversity of cultures have been the key levers of this success.



The 10th anniversary of Transactis was also that of a long lasting partnership based on a deep sense of trust, between Société Générale and La Banque Postale in the Payments field. 


Our warmest thanks to Société Générale, La Banque Postale, our other clients and partners for trusting us!