Apple Pay : Successful launch for societe generale, boursorama and Transactis’s teams

Backed by SOPRA, Transactis worked respectively with Societe Generale and Boursorama to roll out the Apple Pay solution (the world’s first co-badging solution – Visa and CB). The project (scoping, solution design and implementation) kicked off in mid-2016. It led to the launch of Apple Pay in February 2018, another success story to add to Transactis’s long list of successes since it was established. Congratulations to all the teams on this new success.



Apple Pay stands out above all by virtue of its inventiveness: it is an innovative solution in the payment instruments industry, based on card services (real-time clearing and settlement with banks). It was also a complex project: a solution constructed as the customer’s need matured, which required the close involvement of Transactis’s teams and impeccable adaptability and responsiveness.

The Apple Project is singular because it gathers a wide variety of clients having their own specificities: Apple, Idemia, Stet, Visa. Hundreds of players have been mobilized after the signature of the confidentiality agreement.

Apple pay has been successfully launched without incidents for all ( SG, APPLE, etc.). It opens Transactis’s way to new opportunities on the market.